Inspirational Ways to Add Meaningto Your Life Events

For each life event, we offer a prayer, poem, text, psalm, and/or song.

Backyard Mitzvah

Welcoming Children

Welcome children with praise and song, poetry and love! Children are more than additions to the family. . . they are symbols of hope.

Growing Up

From birth to adulthood, growing up is a series of stages. The key is for us to celebrate their achievements and provide encouragement when they stumble.

Bnai Mitzvah & B. Mitzvah

The Bnai Mitzvah ceremony is the best known of Jewish rituals. Whether a bar mitzvah for a boy, bat mitzvah for a girl or b. mitzvah for a gender queer young adult, this is the Jewish ceremony for entering adulthood.

Weddings & Unions

A wedding or commitment ceremony may be the ultimate expression of love . . . declaring our devotion to just one person.

Gender & Sexuality

Gender and/or sexual identity is realized by becoming the fullest expression of yourself.

Jewish Identity

As a religion, Judaism always recognized fellow travelers offering the possibility of conversion and the association with our Jewish culture. We recognize the soul's yearning when we associate  ourselves with the religion or culture that best speaks to our identity.

House & Home

A home represents more than a place to sleep and a house is more than shelter. Judaism recognizes the emotional and spiritual associations with house and home through our prayers, psalms, and texts.

Working & Volunteering

Whether working at a job or volunteering, Judaism values productive use of our time. Applying ourselves to work of any kind is an opportunity to improve the world and to notice our accomplishments.

Separation & Divorce

Through separation or divorce, relationships end but their impact continues. Marking these challenging time helps ease the transition.


Eldering is adding years and opening opportunities to apply wisdom and discover new joys.

Illness & Healing

When our bodies are challenged, we seek answers in many ways.

Death & Mourning

Finding solace in times of loss.

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