Bnai Mitzvah & B. Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah


A Jewish child needs neither a formal ritual nor party to enter adulthood. At age 12 for a girl or 13 for a boy, the obligations of a Jewish adult are assumed. However, for many centuries Jewish boys have been called to the Torah to mark this transition. In modern times, the event has been enhanced with a celebration.  In 1922, Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan paved the way for his daughter Judith to take her place before the Torah as the first ever bat mitzvah.

The bat mitzvah ceremony affirms the essential role of women in Jewish religious communities.  The bat mitzvah ceremony kindled the integration of women into Jewish ritual practices. Communities across the spectrum of Jewish religious life offer different bat mitzvah approaches. Yet, with each bat mitzvah we affirm both the obligations of adulthood and the fuller participation of women as spiritual partners in Judaism.